Education & Career Development including the Arts

Outcome: All members graduate from high school with post-secondary plans (ready for college, trade school, military service or employment).

Kids who drop out of high school are significantly less likely to secure jobs, earn a decent salary and become self-reliant adults. As such, high school graduation is an important goal for all Club members.

We help our members leverage their skills and strengths to plan for fulfilling careers. With the right preparation, kids from the most difficult situations can set themselves up for success … today and in the future.

Our Programs:

The Arts—Creative experiences in photography, ceramics, drawing, painting, dance, fine arts, writing and music.
Atomic Blast Summer Enrichment ProgramPrevent summer learning loss and learn how math and science are used in various careers, especially engineering and technologies. Learn more.
Career Launch—Assess skills and interests, explore careers, make sound educational choices and prepare for the workforce.
Diplomas to Degrees—Prepare for college with helpful guidance on academic and career success.
First Jobs—Explore internships, apprenticeships and job opportunities.
Junior Staff—Nurture leadership skills in a small group environment to prepare members for jobs in youth development or human services.
KIDzLit—Dedicate 20 minutes a day to reading to strengthen vocabulary and comprehension.
LIFE Coach—Mentors help high school Club members prepare for college or the workforce.
MAMM (Media Arts and Music Matters) – Funded through Jackson County COMBAT, MAMM provides teens the opportunity to learn the industry of media arts and music, providing an outlet for positive expressions and to helping to avoid and prevent involvement in violent and life threatening environments and behaviors.
Money Matters—Promotes financial responsibility by teaching members to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest.
Power Hour—Devote one full hour each day to studying and completing homework assignments.