Membership Coordinator


Date:  August 2012

Job Title:  Membership Coordinator

Position Classification:  Part-time, Hourly

Reports to:   Unit Director

General Function

The Membership Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the front desk, providing quality customer service ensuring the safety of Club members and maintaining all membership functions including VISIONS data system entry and data maintenance, member files, Division of Family Services applications and follow up.

Know How

  • Understanding of the Club’s philosophy, vision, and goals.
  • Understanding of Organizational Policies and Procedures
  • High school diploma and two years of experience with administrative functions.
  • Three to five years experience with the Clubs or in related field.
  • Working knowledge of Youth Development Standards.
  • Computer competency with working knowledge of computer programs/software.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with youth, parents, staff, and volunteers.
  • Mandatory CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Excellent bookkeeping and clerical skills.
  • Self-starter with excellent computer, interpersonal, and organizational skills with a good sense of prioritizing, time management, and follow through.
  • Valid driver’s license.

Job Segments

  • Maintain the safety, security and appearance of the front desk.
  • Greet, monitor and track all visitors.
  • Supervise all equipment checkout and return
  • Answer all phone calls.
  • Communicate and disperse information about upcoming events and activities to members, parents and the public.
  • Maintain supplies for facility and front desk.
  • Maintain accurate records relating to application intake, daily and program attendance, parent information, and member files.
  • Ensure that daily attendance is accurately recorded, documented and reported to administration as required.
  • Maintain monthly data and membership reports, daily for reports as needed for program support and grant requirements.
  • Gather data and prepare the weekly SACC report for transmission.
  • Maintain the SACC tracker and to ensure that all data is contained in the SACC tracker is correct and current.
  • Assist Unit Director with all reporting requirements involving the Club membership.
  • Monitor VISIONS ensuring that the administrative office receives accurate information.
  • Ensure that all deadlines for membership information and data are met.
  • Train and supervise enrollment specialists to work with parents on enrollment.
  • Monitor entire membership enrollment process, assuring that all applications are complete and required supporting documents are complete.
  • Monitor sign in process.
  • Liaison with DFS regarding enrollment of subsidized children. Assure that all DFS applications and documents are complete and ready for delivery.
  • Plan and implement new membership orientation.

VISIONS Responsibilities:

  • Maintain database.
  • Take pictures and print membership cards.
  • Train and supervise volunteers to enter data into systems, take pictures and print membership cards.
  • Export data at the end of each Club day.
  • Run reports as needed.


  • Collect membership fees with applications and issue paid receipts.
  • Secure all monies collected and prepare deposits daily.
  • Once program is established, maintain Money Trax, tracking payment information for members.
  • Ensure that all scholarship forms are completed and submitted to Administration.

Physical requirements and working conditions:

  • The mobility to stand, stoop, reach and bend; hand dexterity to grasp small objects.
  • May require the ability to stand for long periods and to walk long distances.
  • May need to use personal vehicle.

End Results

  • Ensure a secure, safe environment for youth development.
  • Ensure that membership goals are met.
  • A well run membership based unit where all memberships are accurately tracked and member records well-maintained, sign-in/out records are evident and documented, fund receipts processing is accurate and good customer service practices are evident.