Our School Year Impact on KC Kids


Ike is a first grader who came to the Clubs a little over a year ago. Due to significant trauma in his life, Ike was completely non-verbal and tremendously behind in school. Clubs staff immersed this young man in daily programming, bringing him along in different ways and exposing him to a range of caring and support that he didn’t have elsewhere. Several months back, in the midst of a daily program, Ike blurted out words. His first words in years. And he hasn’t stopped talking since. Through hands-on, intensive reading programming, he has increased his proficiency significantly and is on track to be on grade level in reading this school year. Ike is a shining example of our impact. Through our caring, comprehensive programming, Ike became comfortable and overcame a major social hurdle. And now he continues to progress academically through our ongoing programming in this area.

Your support will help ensure that even more young people across this community just like Ike, will have access to the positive and productive environment of the Clubs.