Preparing Youth for Academic Success

Through August of this year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City (Clubs) is partnering with the Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools (KCPS) to implement the successful Atomic Blast Summer Enrichment Program at ten school sites in addition to the Clubs’ six Unit locations. The Clubs have successfully conducted the Atomic Blast Summer Enrichment Program since 2009. The summer enrichment program focuses on academic success and helping young students in grades K-6 to increase and/or maintain their literacy and reading scores. Summer learning loss statistics for students in lower income areas show at least two months of reading skills are lost over summer .  In fact, six weeks in the fall are often spent re-learning old material to make up for lost competencies.  According to, by the time a low income student reaches the 5th grade there is a 2 ½ to 3 year gap between them and their middle to upper income peers.

Atomic Blast Summer Program Works!
Data collected over the past three years with the STAR assessment tool shows that 95% of students in reading and 84% of students in math maintained or  increased grade level competencies during the Atomic Blast summer program.

Through the Clubs and KCPS partnership, more than 3,000 children will be served, ensuring students are in a safe environment, well fed, and participating in academic activities to prevent summer decline, as well as, prepare them for a successful school year.

The Clubs have six locations open year round within the Greater Kansas City area to serve youth who need it the most. For more information about the Clubs , visit or call 816-361-3600.