Public Speaking, Character & Leadership Development

Outcome: All members become strong leaders by getting involved
in the community and learning to effectively communicate.

Kids who can express their wants, needs, opinions and ideas are more likely to become productive, responsible citizens and successful leaders.

Our members learn the basic skills of public speaking and debate, empowering them to positively influence their peers and their communities, develop self-esteem and appreciate cultural differences. Members also register to vote and learn how to take an active role in the democratic process.

Our Programs:

  • Keystone Club—Teen members mentor younger members, provide feedback on Clubs’ operations, and participate in community service.
  • Public Speaking and Debate—The basics of communication, public speaking and debate.
  • Torch Club—Chartered, small group service club, ages 11-13, teaches kids the basics in leadership, parliamentary procedure and community service.
  • Youth of the Month/Year—Recognition program for Club members, ages 5-18, who show exemplary service to the Club and the community; academic success; strong moral character and poise.