Take the #TMFMovementChallenge

Did you know???? The National Center for Disease Control & Public Health, Georgia (NCDC & PH) reported, approx. one in five school-aged children (ages 6–19) is classified as obese.

Tony Temple, football legend, and Wellness Guru is partnering with BGCGKC to educate our members on ways to add more movement to their day and how to make healthier lifestyle choices.

KANSAS CITY YOU can help support our kids during the Six Week Movement Challenge beginning Tuesday, September 12! The rules are simple, every Friday  we will post to our social media accounts the challenge for the next week, the following Tuesday upload a video/photo to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, with hashtags –#TMFMovementchallenge and #helpkckids challenge a friend, co-workers, neighbors, the whole city! JOIN IN!

 CLICK to check out a video and TAKE THE CHALLENGE!