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Public Speaking, Character & Leadership Development

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When children learn the basics of public speaking and debate, they’re empowered to positively influence their community.

Kids who can express their wants, needs, opinions, and ideas are more likely to become productive, responsible citizens and successful leaders. Our Public Speaking, Character and Leadership Development programs empower kids to positively influence their peers and communities through leadership and communication skills.

We also help them register to vote and take an active role in the democratic process. By learning how to use their voice for good, kids build self-esteem and discover the potential to not only change their world, but the world at large.


Keystone Club

Chartered, small-group service club for ages 13 – 18 encourages leadership and civic involvement among teens. Members get the chance to mentor, participate in community service, and provide feedback on our operations.

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Public Speaking and Debate

Kids learn the basics of communication and public speaking.

Torch Club

Kids ages 11-13 participate in a chartered, small-group service club that teaches the basics in leadership, parliamentary procedure, and community service.

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Youth of the Month/Year

This leadership development program includes hands-on exercises exploring topics such as identity, passion, personal branding, teamwork, and goal setting, as well as activities to prepare them for the Youth of the Year selection process.

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