Programs at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City

Youth Sports


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City Sports Programs

Sports teach kids teamwork, fair play, and the value of hard work. That’s why we strive to make more team sports accessible to more kids. 

Right now, more than 5,000 kids have the opportunity to participate in sports programs through Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City with a focus on reaching educational goals, increasing scholarship opportunities, and improving character development – all while getting a healthy dose of exercise.



Each Club site has a full-sized basketball court where kids learn the importance of teamwork – a valuable, lifelong skill.


Flag Football

Members learn teamwork and coordination without the concerns of full-contact sport in a fun, fast-paced game.


Golf helps teach kids hand-eye coordination as well as an appreciation for the outdoors.

Baseball & Softball (Royals RBI)

In partnership with the Kansas City Royals Foundation we provide youth with access to quality coaching, training, and facilities in order to help revive the great tradition of baseball and softball in the hearts of our communities.



Children have fun while improving cardiovascular health as well as increase coordination, strength and flexibility.

Swimming & Aquatics

Club members have access to a competition-size pool where they learn water safety and swimming.

Track & Field

Running requires little equipment, making track one of the Clubs’ most accessible activities.


Weight Lifting

Strength training puts young people on a lifelong path to better health and fitness, while helping protect them from sports-related injuries. Each of our Club sites offers weight-lifting facilities with professional instruction.

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